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3Palms.Studio, my art oasis and is my store for the “Art of gifting Well”. Where unique gifts can be found. I love that my store is a mix of my designs and products to thrill and enhance online shopping.

     An oasis, is your place of escape for art exploration, possibility and positivity.  The studio provides the perfect space and freedom to explore the artist world.  Creating artworks and patterns with watercolor, block carved ink prints, and digital designs feel like play.  That curious foundation helps to inspire unique and connected creations for your elevated gifting experience. 3 Palms Studio is located near the beach on a little barrier island overflowing with palms and inspiration. Remember the freedom and wonder of the wind on the beach? Possibility is overflowing here and there is always a feel of joy in the air. Nature is all around from the abundant birdlife to alligators in the ponds, to the local history that echoes around Charleston. Each moment is as different as the shells on the beach and the grains of sand. Hoping that you find on this site just a bit of the joy; the feeling of a fresh breeze, and the thrill that comes with finding something new! It is my most important wish and my hope. -Julie

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 Drop me an email if you have any questions about business ideas, new projects, creative opportunities or how I can help you in any way. It is my hope that you enjoy this site.